Advanced mapping and geospatial data solutions.
Born in the cloud, made for the modern web.

We created GeoBuffer to help us manage large geospatial data and deliver maps on the web. We spent a little over two years building the core product, and we are now ready to share it with you. To be sure, it is still evolving, but we believe that we have reached a level of product maturity that many of you will find useful. We invite you to try it out.

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Vector tiles server

Vector Tiles.
At the speed of now.

Very fast and highly scalable vector tile server built to handle millions of users. Run it on the cloud or on your own infrastructure. It serves MVT tiles that are compatible with Mapbox GL JS, iOS SDK, and Android SDK.

Organized geo data

Your geo data. Organized.

GeoBuffer is a great system to store and organize your geospatial data. Like Google Drive but built specifically for geospatial data. No more messy folders with multiple copies of files spread across your team’s computers.

Your team

Your team. Happily on the same page.

Work with your team and easily keep everyone up to date because all your data are stored in a central location which acts as the single source of truth for everyone.

Beautiful maps

Create beautiful
data-driven maps.

GeoBuffer allows you to create and deliver state-of-the-art data driven maps and applications quickly and easily. Using our SDK and JS framework you can create working map applications in minutes.


High quality geocoder without limitations.

GeoBuffer comes bundled with a very high quality geocoder that you can use to turn your addresses and places into lat/long coordinates. Currently it only works within United States.


An API for your data and your automated workflows.

With GeoBuffer, your data get an API right out of the box. You can use it to create amazing applications as we did with our award winning Social Explorer maps, or use it with your automated data workflows.

Cutting edge

Cutting-edge vector tiles for fast, smooth maps.

GeoBuffer produces and delivers vector tiles used to build the most advanced WebGL maps in the world. Our geospatial compression algorithms make clean small vector tiles optimized at every zoom level.

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